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:: Jul 04, 2008 .::. 1.0.1 available


A maintenance release (1.0.1) of the OW2 EasyBeans product (EJB 3 container) has been released.

EasyBeans can be embedded in JOnAS application server, Apache Tomcat application server, Jetty application server, on an OSGi gateway (by using EasyBeans OSGi bundles) or run in standalone mode.

EasyBeans is bundled with either Hibernate Entity Manager, Apache OpenJPA or TopLink Essentials as persistence provider.

Here are the guides:
Getting started with JOnAS 4.x (tested with 4.7.8 and 4.8.6 and 4.9.2)
Getting started with Tomcat 5.5.x and 6.0.x (tested with 5.5.26 and 6.0.16)
Getting started with Jetty 6.1.x (tested with 6.1.9)
Getting started with the EasyBeans OSGi bundles

Note: EasyBeans is already bundled in the OW2 JOnAS 5.0 application server.
EasyBeans is also working in standalone mode (Uberjar packages are available)

The documentation is available on the EasyBeans documentation website. (HTML or PDF)

The Release Notes are available online at : http://www.easybeans.net/xwiki/bin/view/News/Release1_0_1


A new EasyBeans version is out and is available in the Downloads section or in the maven repository.

Download the version Now !

No new features in this maintenance version, only bug fixes.
Some of upcoming new features are only available in 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT version


There is no configuration step between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 version

Mailing list

Stay tuned on EasyBeans with the easybeans-announce mailing list : http://mail.ow2.org/wws/subrequest/easybeans-announce

Release Notes:

  • (EZB-270)
    • entity bean sample don't work with openjpa in standalone easybeans
    1.0.0 package
  • (EZB-272)
    • Joram OSGi bundle component should not import com.scalagent.scheduler
  • (EZB-273)
    • Cannot mark as ApplicationException a runtime exception of the JDK
  • (EZB-275)
    • config.ini doesnt work with equinox
  • (EZB-276)
    • NPE in SmartContextFactory
  • (EZB-278)
    • XADatasource with @Resource annotation not handled
  • (EZB-279)
    • Invalid jar name in standalone packages of EasyBeans
  • (EZB-269)
    • Migrate Documentation to Docbook 5 format

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