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:: What is EasyBeans ?

EasyBeans is an open-source Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) container hosted by the OW2 consortium. The License used by EasyBeans is the LGPL 2.1.

EasyBeans is included in the Java EE 5 certified JOnAS application server

EasyBeans main goal is to ease the development of Enterprise Java Beans. It uses some new architecture design like the bytecode injection (with ASM OW2 tool), IoC, POJO and can be embedded in OSGi bundles or other frameworks (Spring, Eclipse plugins, etc.).

It aims to provide an EJB3 container as specified in the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) in its fifth version. It means that Session beans (Stateless or Stateful), Message Driven Beans (MDB) are available on EasyBeans.

The new persistence layer used by EJB 3.0 is now called Java Persistence API (or JPA). It replaces the CMP (Container Managed Persistence) model used by EJB 2.x. The default persistence provider used in EasyBeans is Hibernate Entity Manager, Apache OpenJPA, TopLink Essentials or EclipseLink but other JPA providers have been tested like for example Datanucleus.

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:: Why EasyBeans ?

For a long time, EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) has been considered as a complex technology. Many developers were not using EJBs when developing Java EE applications and then use partials J2EE servers like Apache Tomcat. With the new Java EE 5 version, and EJB 3.0 which is part of this specification, one of the focus was on EoD (Ease of Development) So, Ease of Development was also the main item used to design the EJB3 container of JOnAS application server. All is done in the JOnAS EJB3 container to develop EJBs in an easy way.

Some people said that the EJB container in JOnAS was too tied to the application server. An answer to these people was done by extracting the EJB container of the JOnAS core and making it available as a lightweight container. Also, this allows to use this JOnAS EJB3 container in other application servers, in standalone mode, bundle it for OSGi platform, in JUnit/TestNG, etc. This is why JOnAS EJB3 container was named EasyBeans and has its own web site.

:: Link with JOnAS Java EE application server.

Visit OW2 JOnAS web site

JOnAS 4.x is a J2EE 1.4 certified application server and it runs with the JDK 1.4. EasyBeans and EJB 3.0, as part of Java EE 5, have features requiring a new JDK version, the JDK 5.0.

EasyBeans is then available for JOnAS 4.x with a resource adapter, you only have to use a JDK 5.0. But it's easy to disable EasyBeans (if developers want to switch from JDK 5.0 to JDK 1.4) by removing this resource adapter (.rar file).

JOnAS 5.0 (Java EE 5) is providing EasyBeans as the default EJB3 container.

As EasyBeans and JOnAS have two separated codebase, the projects can have a different lifecycle and then EJB3 container can be upgraded without upgrading the whole platform.

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