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:: Community support

:: Mailing Lists

EasyBeans, as open-source project, provides community support through mailing lists.

The main list is easybeans::at::ow2::dot::org, and subscription can be done by entering a mail address on the following form :

(A confirmation is required to subscribe). The archives of the EasyBeans mailing lists are available on the OW2 Web site : Sympa tool or OW2 mail archives

:: Issue tracker

An issue tracker, powered by the Atlassian JIRA tool, is available for tracking the current issues and issues closed. New issues could be added on this tracker by the community. Issue tracker is hosted at http://jira.easybeans.org

:: IRC

EasyBeans team is present on an IRC channel on FreeNode network (irc.freenode.net), the channel is #EasyBeans

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