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The interceptors are a new features of the EJB 3. The EJB containers were already using this kind of interceptors but now, these interceptors are a standard feature of EJB 3. It means that the developers of EJB can developed interceptors for their beans and it will be supported by all EJB vendors.


As shown by the previous schema, the interceptors are chained. This means that you can check or modify the parameters of a method or change the value returned to the client.


The persistence in EJB 3 is simplified (when comparing to CMP) and it is more like JDO or Hibernate patterns.


The Entity Beans are now POJO objects (Attributes with getters and setters), inheritance is also supported. The persistence is done through the Entity Manager which is part of the EJB 3 persistence API (JPA).

An EJB 3 container can be plugged to different JPA vendors. Some JDO vendors are now providing both JDO and JPA interfaces.

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